Visiting a desert environment with limited water challenges all of us to be responsible travelers. Welcome to some of the tips and tricks that make living in the desert so interesting.

!Xaus Lodge is in an ecosystem that is currently facing a dramatic scarcity of water, relative to what the area has experienced over the last decade.  The result is that our careful water-wise policies are being strengthened to conserve every possible drop of water, and reduce the amount of water we need to truck in.

In preparation for your visit, here are some pointers to help you understand how you can assist in the responsible consumption of  water:

* Because you can’t drink the water out of the taps at !Xaus Lodge (its natural mineral & salt content is too high) we provide drinking water in the rooms in carafes, as well as bottled water. For your comfort, it’s very important that you drink sufficient, regular quantities of water to remain well hydrated.  Please don’t think of ‘saving’ water by dehydrating your body. When you arrive we’ll explain where and how you get drinking water. Please enjoy each and every drop.[singlepic id=302 w=300 h=500 float=right]

* The water in the showers and basins is the natural borehole water and has a remarkable range of minerals and salt. When using this water for ablutions, please

– Challenge yourself to see what the shortest time is you can use shower water to keep yourself clean.

– Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving (actually, don’t rinse your toothbrush or razor in the salt water, just use a little drinking water in the glass provided).

– When washing your hands, soap them before turning on the tap to rinse.

 * All guests are being offered an innovative new product called DryBath as an alternative to water showers. It’s a gel that is rubbed onto the whole body instead of using water. Single use sachets are included with the other toiletries in your room. If you use the product we will be very interested in your feedback of this ‘Proudly South African’ product. (More info here:

* We are in the process of re-fitting the flush mechanisms in the toilets to allow for a short flush.  If your unit still has an old traditional handle, please manually push the handle up when flushing to reduce the amount of water used to only the amount needed.

* We have two waterholes at !Xaus Lodge: one for drinking water for animals, and a swimming pool on the deck for the guests.  When the borehole does not deliver sufficient water, we give priority to water for the animals over filling the swimming pool. We thank you for your understanding if the swimming pool is not optimally filled when you visit.

* We believe that hygiene, comfort and cleanliness are very important in the hospitality industry. With reduced access to water we have, however, stopped washing vehicles and swabbing down decks. Please join us in being proud of the dust. It’s a badge of honour that we accept as part of the Kalahari life.

!Xaus Lodge is proudly Fair Trade in Tourism certified. Thank you for joining us in the responsible use of water.