Living with, and loving desert water

By Anel de Klerk: Lodge manager

!Xaus Lodge is so isolated, living as we do in a remote corner of the Kalahari desert, that we pump our own water from underground. Because the Lodge is at the edge of a large salt pan, this natural water is more saline than the Dead Sea. To create drinking water we’ve put in a desalination plant to create our own drinking and cooking water. It’s beautifully tasteless – in the way of truly unpolluted water.

But the environmental cost of pumping 10 litres of water up to harvest 3 litres of drinking water can’t be sustained for ablution purposes. We have to treat Mother Earth respectfully. So we use natural desert water for the showers and toilets. Some people think the water is ‘hard’, and yes, it’s certainly not like the chlorinated stuff you find in the cities. But here is the good news: our water provides a unique opportunity for salt-scrubs each time you shower! We’ve also chosen the soaps and creams carefully, and supply them in generous quantities. After your shower, lather on the cream and you’ll leave the Lodge with a healthier skin than when you arrived.

When you come to !Xaus Lodge you may find that I’m a bit of a nag about drinking enough water. Please, please make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated. Even if it’s not that hot, the atmosphere is very dry and our bodies are just not designed for getting parched. We will provide as much fresh water as you’ll drink, and your skin will love you for it too.