Recently, SA 4×4 Magazine featured an article written by adventurer, traveler, and outdoor enthusiast, Jacques Marais, set off to seek the “Lost City of the Kalahari” but landed up in the heart of it instead.

“Apparently there is a mythical Lost City of the Kalahari, situated somewhere amidst the shifting dunes and arid outcrops of the transcendental Kgalagadi landscape. This is if you care to believe the writings of Canadian explorer William Leonard Hunt, a man who also went by the stage name of … wait for it … The Great Farini.”

Read more about entering the heart of the Kalahari that is !Xaus Lodge here. 

Jacques also managed to capture the beauty of the great Kalahari in the most beautiful series of portraits and images, so go and take a look.

!Xaus Lodge, Kgalagadi Game Reserve


!Xuas Lodge Kgalagadi Game Reserve