Oryx Desert Salt supports !Xaus Lodge community

Transfrontier Park Destinations (TFPD) has a long-held vision of partnering with communities to commercialise their tourism assets, create sustainable job opportunities and encourage sustainable economic activity.  It is with the invaluable support of homegrown, global companies that it’s been possible to build on this vision. One of TFPD’s projects is !Xaus Lodge, (pronounced Kaus, with [...]

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Big Sky Country by Kate Turkington

At dawn, I sit on my wooden balcony at !Xaus and watch Venus. It’s a dazzling sight. It pulsates with golden-red light as the swathe of the Milky Way and the countless bright desert stars begin to fade. Then, as the sun rises, I watch a herd of 50 gemsbok wander across the pan, stopping [...]

!Kgalagadi by Melissa Siebert

If you stand, barefoot, amidst the rolling red sand dunes of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, which forms the Kalahari’s’ southwestern tip, you can hear volumes. The loud hush of 40-degree heat fills the day, backed by the ubiquitous twitter of scaly-feathered finches and the wind rising from the south in the afternoons. At night the [...]