Seeing the light about dark skies

"I AM a big fan of dark nights. I dream about living in a place where, when I flick off the last light in the house at night, only the moon and stars will remain illuminated. I’ll not see the single flicker of an artificial light or the tiniest reflection thereof anywhere around me. Darkness [...]

At night, you see the universe

You may feel like you have never seen the night sky before when you go stargazing at !Xaus Lodge. The Milky Way arcs over you like a giant swathe of smoke – reminiscent of the Bushman tale of its origins. A girl from an ancient race, the story goes, threw the cinders from a fire [...]

Manager’s diary: Autumn 2013

The Manager's Diary -  Richard Illet, General Manager's letter to friends about the fun and games of life at !Xaus Lodge by Richard Illet, General Manager, !Xaus Lodge   Hello Family and friends Hard to believe March and April has come and gone, it seems like just the other day that I was getting ready [...]

National Rural Tourism Strategy: !Xaus Lodge leads the way

The recently released Rural Tourism Strategy document issued by the South African National Department of Tourism in April 2012 contains reference to an academic thesis which used the !Xaus Lodge case study as a significant portion of the work. We are pleased to note that the document contains reference in paragraph 2.8.1 (pages 50 – 53) [...]


Wennman dann so  dasteht unter der Dusche wie Gott einen geschaffen hat, splitterfasernackt, die Zeltfenster hochgeklappt, die Tür sperrangelweit offen, damit man möglichst viel von dem sieht, was der Herrgott an Natur hierher gezaubert hat, dann könnte man schreien vor Freude. Lesen Sie den Rest der Geschichte hier...  (Read the rest of the story here)

‘Lodge-ical’ Thinking : a PhD thesis

Lauren Dyll-Myklebust has recently been awarded her PhD by the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal for her thesis 'Lodge-ical' Thinking and Development Communication: !Xaus Lodge as a Public-Private-Community Partnership in Tourism. Lauren's thesis is one of a number of academic studies that has used field work from !Xaus Lodge as part of the research. It is [...]

The Lion and the Ostrich – A Bushman Story

Written by Graham Williams, management consultant and storyteller with Halo and Noose I’ve returned from spending a week in the arid Kgalagadi, listening to the desert silence, taking in the 360° horizon, and encountering a small group of Bushmen. About the Bushmen and how we/others see them The original inhabitants of the sub-continent, Southern Africa’s [...]

A wedding for the heart

We recently hosted a very special wedding at !Xaus Lodge - the marriage of Phil and Sam Hockey. It was a dramatic day with the backdrop of huge thunderclouds, promising the blessing of the Kalahari: rain.  Nature co-operated with the wedding plans, and one of the results is a set of spectacular photos by the wildlife photographer Hannes [...]

Big Sky Country by Kate Turkington

At dawn, I sit on my wooden balcony at !Xaus and watch Venus. It’s a dazzling sight. It pulsates with golden-red light as the swathe of the Milky Way and the countless bright desert stars begin to fade. Then, as the sun rises, I watch a herd of 50 gemsbok wander across the pan, stopping [...]

!Kgalagadi by Melissa Siebert

If you stand, barefoot, amidst the rolling red sand dunes of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, which forms the Kalahari’s’ southwestern tip, you can hear volumes. The loud hush of 40-degree heat fills the day, backed by the ubiquitous twitter of scaly-feathered finches and the wind rising from the south in the afternoons. At night the [...]