Living with limited water in the desert

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Visiting a desert environment with limited water challenges all of us to be responsible travelers. Welcome to some of the tips and tricks that make living in the desert so interesting. !Xaus Lodge is in an ecosystem that is currently facing a dramatic scarcity of water, relative to what the area has experienced over the [...]

Manager’s Diary April – September 2013

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!Xaus Lodger Manager’s update 3 – Mid April to Sept 2013 Hi Family, Friends and Guests I do hope you are all well. Right. The reverse osmosis machine was serviced and is behaving well or so I thought. We acquired super new bling bling tubes and it was pushing 400 litres per hour and our [...]

Seeing the light about dark skies

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“I AM a big fan of dark nights. I dream about living in a place where, when I flick off the last light in the house at night, only the moon and stars will remain illuminated. I’ll not see the single flicker of an artificial light or the tiniest reflection thereof anywhere around me. Darkness [...]

At night, you see the universe

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You may feel like you have never seen the night sky before when you go stargazing at !Xaus Lodge. The Milky Way arcs over you like a giant swathe of smoke – reminiscent of the Bushman tale of its origins. A girl from an ancient race, the story goes, threw the cinders from a fire [...]

Manager’s diary: Autumn 2013

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The Manager’s Diary –  Richard Illet, General Manager’s letter to friends about the fun and games of life at !Xaus Lodge by Richard Illet, General Manager, !Xaus Lodge   Hello Family and friends Hard to believe March and April has come and gone, it seems like just the other day that I was getting ready [.

2012 Eland Migration : a conservation challenge

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SANParks have recently released an interesting article about the 2012 eland migration in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Written by Micho Ferreira, Section Ranger: Twee Rivieren, and originally published here on 24th October 2012 During June 2012, large herds of Eland started migrating out of Botswana into the South Afri